Season 1, 2017 - TBS
Visual effects including extensive shot re-composition, removal of actors from shots to facilitate re-edits, background replacement, split performance compositing/retiming, object replacement/removal/insertion and beauty work.
Autodesk Flame
This series featured a number of moving split screens in each episode which comprised entire scenes and lasted several minutes in duration.  These were created directly in DaVinci Resolve so that they could be colored in context during client supervised sessions.  The moving box borders and edges were translated from the original Avid rough edit, cleaned up, and reproduced as a single matte element overlayed in Resolve to keep all edges neat and consistent - and to keep any stray color corrections out of the border areas.  This "stencil" approach allowed for very fast and flexible adjustment of both color and content without needing to constantly readjust the on-screen compositions.
As usual, much production content was revised and updated, including billboards, signs, storefronts, mobile phone screens, etc.  Shots were re-composed in Flame to include performances from multiple takes, remove background actors and rigs, and remove a variety of camera flares, reflections, and other artifacts.
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