Online Edit/Conform, VFX Cleanup, Titles & Post Pipeline Design


An ambitious project, NBC's "The Cape" was a fully-realized superhero drama chock full of big visual effects, lots of action and a fantastic musical score from Bear McCreary.

"The offline editorial team produced some of the most complex sequences I have ever worked on, using all manner of layering and plug-in visual effects they could to make a very beautiful show.  Translating their creative intent to the final colorist while preserving the full range of the dailies was challenging, and we pushed our software to it's limits to accomplish this."
The show 's breakneck post-production schedule ended abruptly after only ten episodes.  However, Derek has since incorporated several new techniques developed to support The Cape's faster tapeless post workflow into other work.

"Once the material was conformed we worked tapelessly through final color.  Initially, there was no way to verify that our file-based drop-ins and inserts were happening correctly; we were flying blind.  It took us a couple of episodes to perfect a practical check-back solution that didn't slow things down to a crawl.  Now we no longer have those issues, but if it hadn't been for The Cape, we might not have solved the problem."
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