Online Edit/Conform, 2D VFX/Cleanup, Titles
Ray Donovan is one of the growing number of shows to take advantage of the advanced finishing workflow that Derek has refined for over ten years.  Leaving the old compartmentalized facility model behind, Producer Kathleen O'Hara prefers to keep the picture side of the post contained in the finishing edit bay as much as possible, relying on Derek's broad skill set to handle the assembly, some 2D compositing and most cleanup (the more time-consuming compositing work is farmed out to a VFX house), title layout and workflow management.
"This approach has always allowed faster turnaround through a much more efficient utilization of time.  Consider the common example of a boom removal.  Traditionally, this would be flagged and then time would have to be scheduled by the show's in-house producer in a compositing room for cleanup.  An artist would need to be booked, the shot in question identified and exported.  The shot would then be sent back to editorial, another session would have to be booked to do the drop-in.  If the client is not happy with the repair, the process starts all over again."
By leveraging the strengths of both editing and compositing systems and incorporating both into his finishing workflow, Derek has instant access to all the media in every shot, and can take care of most things very rapidly.  If tweaks are requested, they can be accomplished on the spot in a matter of minutes.  Over the years this has grown from simple cleanups to monitor and cell phone screen replacements, driving and window composites, beauty/cosmetic work, theatrical style credit rolls and just about any other 2D VFX work required.
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