Online Edit/Conform, 2D VFX & Cleanup, Titling, Dirt Fix

(2005 - 2007)

Continuing the successful workflow he designed for "Las Vegas", Derek pushed that envelope even further on the first two seasons of Prison Break.  Post production supervisor Jim Sodini quickly realized that in addition to simple cleanup work like removing booms, reflections, crew shadows and gate hairs, Derek was able to quickly complete wire removals, monitor and phone comps, solve dirty lense problems and even alter the tattoo makeup on the show's star - much of the work taking only a few minutes per shot.

"We did massive amounts of work on Prison Break, especially in the second season when they shot in Texas.  The Texas crews gave us plenty to do - in one episode, we painted out the grip truck and the sound mixer from a scene, both clearly visible and in the middle of the frame!"
Working with an assistant, Derek handled the online edit/conform, VFX cleanup, some of the 2D VFX work, dirt fix, animated titles and credits and location banners all in the conform/composite system.

"It was the first time the facility had ever seen a workflow like that.  What I did with one assistant they were used to farming out into separate sessions with different artists and technicians.  We were able to finish in a day or two what other shows were taking much longer to accomplish - and for a fraction of the cost, both to the facility and the client.  It definitely rocked the boat!"

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