2D VFX/Cleanup


Working closely with series co-producer John Niss, Derek completed visual effects on many of the final two seasons of the series.

"Seasons five and six pushed the creative and technical envelope by encorporating POV footage in action scenes from a variety of small cameras.  We researched the cleanest most efficient ways to combine material from Flip and Snap consumer cameras, Canon 5D, Phantom and others with their main cameras both editorially and in post - and we made it look seamless in the final product."
With the new camera kits came new challenges, as the camera crews experimented with different frame rates and very low lighting conditions.

"In addition to ordinary compositing work, we created explosions, enhanced practical monitor screen displays and even re-lit shots digitally before they went to the colorist.  I had a great time working with John Niss and the crew on Numb3rs, who never failed to provide an endless supply of creative puzzles and impossible deadlines!"
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