2D VFX/Cleanup


Nikita was the fifth series Derek worked on for executive producer Danny Cannon.  The show was filmed in Canada and some of the post production also happens there.

"Doing visual effects for Nikita is a little tricky... some effects are designed in Canada and to add more of them, we had to closely match the looks they had already created."
Back in Hollywood, Derek worked directly with post production supervisor Jim Hilton to design signature effects for the series, which was shot using the Sony F35 camera during the first season and was one of the first shows where offline editorial was completed in HD.

"With Danny spending a lot of time in Canada on this show, Jim was my contact for visual effects work.  We designed some special elements for the show that allow the editorial team to apply an effect quickly with a minimum of fuss - so they can stay focused on telling the story.  When we get the show to finish, those simpler elements are replaced with more complex effects that have a much richer look."
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