Online Edit/Conform, 2D VFX/Cleanup

(2009 - 2010)

Most of the action took place inside a hospital set, which was very different looking from other television hospitals at the time - this one had a lot of large windows with "sunlight" pouring in, and was lit inside by very bright, multi-colored lights.

"The visual treatment was fresh, edgy and the camera was usually moving.  There was a lot of very bright backlighting and bold colors that added high energy to the show.  Of course, all those lights created a lot of lense flares that always seemed to be centered on the screen - right over the actor's faces.  We painted out dozens of them on every episode.  Ironically, other shows at the same time were having me paint fake lense flares in for dramatic effect!"
In addition to the lense flare issue, some of the sets had no ceiling in place.  Derek was able to help the show's VFX budget by fixing many of these problems directly in the conform/composite system.

"This became quite a problem with up-angles.  We added many bits of ceiling back directly in the online bay, and even cleaned up missing or oddly-hanging ceiling tiles, bits of wrinkled ND sheeting and cables visible in the overhead practical lighting grilles."
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