Online Edit/Conform, 2D VFX/Cleanup, Titles


One of the most ambitious productions Derek has worked on, the second season opening episode was conceived as a single uninterrupted hour-long steadicam shot that began in 19th Century Mexico and ended in modern day Los Angeles, complete with sprawling battles, driving scenes, an entire wedding and a myriad of locations in between.

"There were actually over 60 edits in the finished episode, but we made them all invisible, sometimes adding additional set pieces digitally to mask transitions, sometimes fusing different performances together, and somehow when it was all done it was absolutely believable."
Director of Photography Reynaldo Villalobos was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the episode.  Derek worked along with veteran Inferno artist Richard Hiltzik to complete all the visual effects work, and the team finished the work on a tight television schedule.

"The narrative concept in this episode can be traced back to Hitchcock's experimental 'one-take' treatment for 'Rope' - although this was a much bigger and more refined effort.  I think everyone on the project knew we were working on something very special."
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