Online Edit/Conform, VFX Cleanup, Original Main Title Design, Titles


The pilot for Alcatraz was shot on the Arri Alexa in LogC color. Much of the footage was shot in Canada, with a few days of location shooting at Alcatraz. Footage was processed at two different facilities, using different dailies systems.

"We preserved color information using CDL metadata generated by the on-set DITs through both facilities and all the way through our conform/composite system - which at the time had not been done before - and got it to the colorist preserving the range of the LogC dailies with the DIT's color already applied, but not baked in.
Because the director preferred to deliver his cuts to the studio fully colored and mixed, each editorial revision ran through the full post pipeline. The final delivery was delayed by a week, and Derek was on his way to speak at a Visual Effects event in Las Vegas when a last minute change became necessary.

"The opening shot of the show, which was all CGI, had been revised. There were too many considerations in the workflow and versions of the edit to convey over the phone quickly to someone unfamiliar with the project, so I took control of the edit system through Remote Desktop over a secure VPN connection using my iPhone - downloaded the new shot to the post facility via secure FTP, completed the drop-in, color space conversion, and file-based DPX insert onto the color system for the colorist while I was sitting at the airport!"
Derek created the original animated Main Title for the pilot in January of 2011 based on storyboard sketches from director Danny Cannon. Over several months after the pilot was finished, there were many creative changes to show. The title sequence was eventually redone by another company in a shorter simplified version based on Derek's original work when the series began airing nearly a year later.
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